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August 27, 2018

“The Blink of an Eye” soon opening at Dokfoto Gallery, Tallinn (Estonia)

Exhibition about the Estonian rural culture of the 21.century. The 62 b/w photographs have been taken in a period from 2015 until 2018 in several Estonian regions. The project  has been developed and realised in collaboration with EVM – The Estonian Open Air Museum. 

In occasion of the 100th years anniversary of the Estonian Republic, EVM has collected these photographs by mean of a photo book: “An Italian’s Estonia”. The book will be released at the exhibition’s opening at Dokfoto Gallery in Tallinn. 

“The Blink of an Eye”

Dokfoto Gallery, 

August 28 – November 04, 2018

Opening on August 28 at 17:00

Tüdruk Ansekülast. Saaremaa, Estonia

Girl from Ansekula. Saaremaa, Estonia