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Vana Ja Vahtsõnõ Setomaa (Old and New Setomaa) is Luca Berti’s new photo exhibition at Setomaa Muuseumid (Estonia).

Since 2016, Luca Berti has worked on documenting the rural life and culture of Setomaa (Estonia). Vana Ja Vahtsõnõ Setomaa Old and New Setomaa is a photo exhibition in collaboration with Setomaa Muuseumid showing over 80 b/w photographs ranging from portraits to landscapes. The collaboration will result in the release of a photo book published by the museum, which will be available for purchase in 2025.

The exhibition will be ongoing until 2025 at the charming Setomaa Museum’s Värska Museum, a farm museum showcasing the traditional rural Seto culture of the past.

Setomaa Muuseumid has produced high-quality postcards to mark the opening. The postcards are available for purchase at the museum as well as in several cultural institutions across Estonia, such as the National Museum and Estonian Open Air Museum.

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