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July 20, 2018

Double exhibition opening at Lågdalsmuseet and Dåset (NO)

A new photo documentary is going to be exhibited this coming weekend at Kongsberg (NO) main museum Lågdalsmuseet and at Dåset, Flesberg municipality rural museum. The exhibition focuses on the rural culture of Numedal and Sandsvær. 

These areas, part of the Norwegian Buskerud region are rich of history and particularly important for their very well preserved buildings from the Middle Age.

At the opening ceremony it will be released the book, edited by Polistampa in Florence, containing around 140 b/h images from the documentary.

The entire exhibition and book project is financed by Lågdalsmuseet and Flesberg Municipality.

The exhibition is part of “Middelalderuka 2018” program, an entire week dedicated to cultural events focusing on Middle Age along the whole Numedal valley.

“Numedal og Sandsvær – en fotografisk reise”


July 21 – October 05, 2018

Dåset bygdetun

July 22 – August 04, 2018

Vandrende kunstner, Lyngdal. Flesberg, Norge

Wandering artist, Lyngdal. Flesberg, Norway