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August 21, 2023

Nordic Blue, the cyanotypes exhibition at Dokfoto (Estonia)

Some months ago Dokfoto gallery in Tallinn asked me to make cyanotypes prints out of my b/w negative plates from Man and Nature in the Nordic and Baltic Countries.The result is a total new exhibition with 

around 70 cyanotypes in different sizes, visible from August 25 at the recently renovated amazing Estonian

gallery. All analogue UV printed for the occasion at my darkroom at Atelier Nyboder. Rural landscapes, portraits of people in their everyday environments met on several trips through the Nordic Countries since 2012 until today.

The exhibition will last until the middle of November.

All the exhibited cyanotypes at Dokfoto Keskus are for sale.  

Juhan Kuusi Dokfoto Keskus

25.08. 2023 – 26.11.2023

Norddalsfjorden. Sunnmøre, Norge (2021)