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March 04, 2023

Norden opens at Kunstraum Mitterhofer in Innichen (Italy)

Kunstraum Mitterhofer is a very active photo gallery based in the enchanting Alpine village Innichen, in Northern Italy. The owner Manfred Mitterhofer spontaneously visited our Atelier Nyboder in Copenhagen last September 2022.

After a quick chat about Photography we agreed right away to make an exhibition at his gallery. 

The exhibition Norden is a collection of photographs from Scandinavia and the Baltic Countries. Around 30 b/w photographs, all analogue printed for the occasion in our darkroom at Atelier Nyboder. Rural landscapes, portraits of people in their everyday environments met on several trips through the Nordic Countries since 2012 until today.

The exhibition will last until the beginning of June. All the exhibited photographs at Kunstraum Mitterhofer are for sale.  

Kunstraum Mitterhofer

04.03. 2023 – 09.06.2023

Old man from Puise village. Läänemaa, Estonia (2017)