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October 16, 2021

“Spor Etter Oss” until April 2022 at Sunnmøre Museum (NO)

“Spor Etter Oss” opened this October at Sunnmøre Museum in Ålesund (NO). The exhibition is

documentary work on the people and the nature of the historical region Sunnmøre in Norway.

The photographs have been taken on a 3 weeks

bicycle trip around the municipalities: Ørsta, Volda, Fjord, Ålesund, Ulstein, Hareid, Sula and Sykkylven. The result of this fieldwork is visible at the newly renovated open-air museum located in Ålesund. The museum will inherited all the 33 exhibited b/w prints for their archive in order to be still visible in the future once the exhibition will be over.

The exhibition is kindly supported by Fritt Ord (NO), Sula municipality (NO), Sykkylven municipality (NO), Volda municipality (NO) and Ulstein municipality (NO). 

“Spor Etter Oss” 

Sunnmøre Museum

07.10. 2021 – 01.04.2022

Sisters. Søvika, Norway (2021)