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June 07, 2018.

“Ihminen ja luonto” opening

at The National Museum of Finland

The photo exhibition “Ihminen ja luonto” will open tomorrow at The National Museum of Finland, Helsinki. The project wants to document the rural people and cultural landscape of Finland. All the b/w photographs are taken with a large format camera during a trip around Finland in collaboration with architect Liga Gaile, in 2016.

At the opening it will be released the exhibition’s book edited by Finnish editor Parvs.

The National Museum of Finland is located in the hearth of Helsinki. The building is a masterpiece of the Finnish romantic style of the beginning of the 20th century. 

“Ihminen ja luonto “

Valokuvia Suomen Maaseudulta

“Man and Nature”

Photographs from the Finnish Countryside

The National Museum of Finland

June 08 – September 09, 2018

Nainen. Rauma, Länsi-Suomi.

Woman. Rauma, Western Finland.