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January 11, 2018.

“Folk og landskap” opening at Telemarksgalleriet

A brand new photo documentary about the people and cultural landscape in Øst-Telemark is opening this coming Saturday at Telemarksgalleriet in Notodden. 

In total 114 b/w photographs taken during four trips in the Norwegian historical region during 2017. The documentary intends to portray the rural culture of the 21st century.

Telemarksgalleriet is part of Norsk Industriarbeider Museum, one of the most important museums of Norway.

At the exhibition’s opening a new book with 90 selected images from the project will be officially presented to the public.

The book is edited by Telemarksgalleriet with the kind support of Fritt Ord foundation.

“Folk og landskap”

Luca Bertis reise i Øst Telemark



Norsk Industriarbeider Museum

January 13 – March 04, 2018

Pike ved Tinnsjø. Austbygd, Norge

Girl by Tinnsjø. Austbygd, Norway