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June 03, 2017.

Exhibition about Muhu at 

Muhu Museum – Estonia

A selection of photographs of the Estonian island Muhu will be the theme of the exhibition: Man and Nature on Muhu. The exhibition is organised by the island’s museum, located in the village of Koguva, Muhu. 

The b/w photographs of landscapes and people have been taken during the summer 2015. The exhibition will be on for the entire summer 2017.

The works are part of the documentary project  about Estonian rural culture in collaboration with Estonian Open-Air Museum: Man and Nature in Estonia. The documentary is going to be published by mean of a photography book in 2018 in occasion with the 100th year anniversary of the Estonian Republic.

Muhu Museum

June 05 – Juli 10, 2017

Opening June 05, at 17.00

Fisherman in Kallaste. Muhu, Estonia