Atelier Nyboder

Vintage portraits

At Atelier Nyboder in Copenhagen you can have your own portrait made in a unique vintage style, mixing Florentine classicism with Nordic rigour and simplicity.

What is particular to the vintage portrait? 

First, the entire process, from the shooting to the final print, is analogue. We use exclusive, hand-picked paper that supports a range of  grey tones. This is what makes the black and white picture so vivid and timeless at its best. 

Second, we apply a photographic modelling approach from the golden age of portrait photography.  This concerns the arrangement and use of lights, settings, clothing, appearance, and so on.

The result is a natural, iconic and compassionate portrait in an everlasting quality. 


Handmade prints made in our own Darkroom

At Atelier Nyboder all the photographic prints  are handmade in our darkroom, equipped with the best enlargers and lenses in the market.

Why an analogue print? 

An analogue black &white handmade print simply gives an extra value to the picture.

It has the depth, the shades of greys, the supreme quality of the silver gelatin emulsion, so far away from the coldness and flatness of any digital print.

We use only fiber based paper, that means extra thick real paper. All the prints get stamped with our logo as warranty of quality and uniqueness.