Jordfast is an old Danish word meaning "earthbound"

The project, realised between 2013 and 2020 on the Danish island of Samsø, is searching for the relation  between its inhabitants their land and their culture. 

Samsø is a traditional island which for centuries has based its economy on agriculture, producing vegetables for the entire Denmark. The structure of the island is that typical of danish countryside, divided in several parishes, with each village located not more than 3 km from each other and fields in between.

In collaboration with Samsø Museum, the photographs are soon going to be exhibited at the museums newly renovated exhibitions halls in Tranebjerg.

A book collecting the exhibited photographs is going to be published by Narayana Press (DK) and will be presented at the exhibition’s opening in March 2021.

Bonde, Onsbjerg Mark. Samsø (2020)
Farmer, Onsbjerg Mark. Samsø (2020)

Gadekær, Besser (Samsø 2019)
Pond, Besser. Samsø (2020)


Onsbjerg Mark, Samsø (2020)
Onsbjerg Mark, Samsø (2020)